• Will I really be locked in a room? 

For fire safety reasons, as well as the general comfort of our customers, will not lock you inside a room. You always have to option of exiting through the door you came in, however the goal is to find another way out.

  • Who can play your rooms?

Anyone can play our rooms (8 years old and plus)! You don’t have to be a puzzle geek, and you don’t need specialized knowledge to solve the puzzles, just an open mind and good observational skills. However, young children below the age of 12 must be accompanied by one adult.

  • How long is one booking?

One booking is a 60 minute time frame, however we recommend players to arrive 10-15 minutes early for payment and explanation of the process. There is an opportunity after the game to take pictures with props and signs in our lobby.

  • What should I bring?

We ask that you bring a pair of indoor shoes, or socks that you are willing to wear in the room.  we also recommend you to wear comfortable clothing.

  • Is there anything I CANNOT bring?

No cell phones or cameras are permitted in the rooms, to avoid leaking answers or cheating on puzzles. You will not require any gadgets or tools that we do not provide.

  • What if we are stuck in the middle of the game?

Our rooms are monitored via CCTV by our friendly game master, who will be available to provide hints or clues to assist you should you need them. However, we believe the satisfaction lies in escaping the room with minimal assistance. In any case of emergency, please return and exit the door you entered.

  • Is there a minimum or maximum limit of group members?

We accept bookings of two or more people, however we have recommendations for numbers listed for each theme room. We do accept higher numbers for groups, depending on the room. Please contact us for more information on this.

  • If I have booked my group, can someone else book in for the same time slot for that room?

In general, we do not book multiple groups together. If this were to happen for some reason, we would contact the second group that booked (first come, first serve) and work with them to reschedule.

  • Are there special skills required?

In short, no. The games require outside the box, yet logical thinking, but are accessible to everyone. Most rooms are not physically straining. two rooms require more trust and courage, where one has a few Halloween themes (Forever Young) and another requires you to be blindfolded and handcuffed (kidnapped).

  • Do you accept corporate or mass bookings?

Yes! Our rooms are great for corporate teambuilding and teambonding sessions. Corporate and mass bookings are welcome. Please call us at 709 437 1266 or email: info@breakoutnl.com

  • How do I book?

Booking online is preferable (see top right link in our menu) however you can also call or email and have one of our representatives book the room for you.

If there are any questions that you have that are not on this page, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as quickly and concisely as possible!